Facebook is one of great social networking platform to connect to your friends, to follow some public figures, or follow companies/pages you like. Definitely a place to spend time daily, but when it comes to wedding or hiring your wedding photographer or why Facebook is not the right place to hire a wedding photographer? and why you shouldn’t prefer it.

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in everyone’s life. Considering one of the most important occasion in your life, trying to hire your wedding photographer on Facebook which has a very less or no control of what someone posts on their pages/timelines unless the post are being reported, should make you think twice before you go for it.

We all Love Facebook, We are on Facebook, We do market on Facebook and yes, we do connect to many of our New customers on Facebook. With all these being said, We also say Facebook isn’t the place for you to book a wedding photographer. It is definitely a place when you get introduced to them by a friend or friend’s wedding pictures or you yourself stumbling on one of their ads or on just doing a research.

Let’s say you go through a page of a wedding photographer, look at all the images and you try to connect with them enquiring about your wedding package.

A Question we would like you ask you   Facebook image copyrights

What is the proof of that posted picture is a genuine content that isn’t copied from someone else’s work?

With Facebook limitedly verifying the pages, Many false people/ fake accounts are trying to cheat a lot of customers. Don’t you think, what if the one you approached is fake ?

Photographers or Wedding photographer generally face many issues of people copying their images/videos and showcase them as their work. We would always suggest you to take time researching more about the photographer. We are not taking away the fact that Facebook is the place to communicate, but one of the best ways would be is to go through their website, see the sample work they have on it, look throughly into their photography style, check out all the details of they work, Gear, FAQs and then if your satisfied with the consistency of the photographer, contact them.

There is a very less chance that a modern wedding photographer wouldn’t have a website in today’s world and their is a very less chance that their showcased work is bad. Normally photographers would love to have their best work showcased on the website. So, If you have any questions about their work, do consider asking them or writing a email for more samples of their work.

Its better be sure before than never.

As a company, we would always love to have many clients but ‘More than the business we do, it’s about treasuring your memories’. The Memories you will live once in a life time so make them sure they are as vivid as a saga.

So we want you to be well informed and well educated as our client.

Take care


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