If we have to define what we do in one line it would be

 “Minimum posing, Maximum fun. Live your moments, we will preserve them for you!”

– Our Focus

As the saying goesA is all about the BrideThe Bride is our primary focus. We also pay keen attention for Composition, Mood, Anticipation, Intensity, Emotion, Energy, Romance and Relationships. These are the elements that we use to create your inspiring and ageless wedding photos.

– Unposed Posed Pictures

We are not fans of posed portraiture or posed photography. Insincere exaggerated pretense is not how we want our images to look when we see them. We want to capture honest responses, funny expressions, full-body laughter, and spills of emotion that are normal posed pictures. When we need a posed portrait, we will help you to pose in a way it would look natural or unposed.  We want all our client’s to look back at pictures from their wedding and feel their real reactions and meaningful expressions, which you can’t get in posed pictures.

– Complete Story / Story Telling 

We provide complete coverage, not just candid photography but both candid photography and documentary photography. Candid photography with documentary photography makes your wedding story complete in pictures.

– Style

Wedding Photojournalistic / Candid Style , Complete unique that makes you fall in love.

– Technical Aspects and Lighting 

We adjust according to how the things are developing around us. We are constantly trying to find those wonderful angles, creative shots, unusual angles which will compliment the subject. Our gear allows us to shoot in any given situation from ultra wide angles, to zero lighting scenarios.

We shoot all the images in RAW.

Very negligible loss in quality of images even after basic modifications.

Advance Flash Techniques & Natural Light is what we love.

We are constantly working on making your images look creative, artistic and far more interesting. We use Off Camera lighting and triggers for our flashes, this helps remove the boring, in-plain light which comes from on camera flash.

Best of the digital SLR and lenses are used 

As on today we use 5D Mark 3/4 and L series of lens while we shoot, to get Excellent image quality even in low light performance.

– Value

As Indians, we are calculative of everything most of the times. Here is how we value all our clients.

ALL these services BELOW are inclusive for what you pay for.

Your Photos are Safe ! 

We avoid the risk of losing data at every point.

 Onsite Backup : Backup immediately after the shoot.

 Online Backup: Backup immediately after we return from the shoot.

 Offline Backup : Backup immediately after we return to our head office.

Customised Album 

Customise doesn’t mean an artificially designed albums, but an Album designed with all the images you love and selected from the shoot! Artificial Album in reference to anything thats added in photoshop. Our albums are, simple and elegant, generally a proper balance of documentary and candid photographs.

 Album Photo Selection 

We provide these services Online as it is Easy and Secure. No need of downloading the photos, selecting and sending us. It’s a few clicks, either on your phone or PC, and you’ll let us know which pictures to use for the album.

 Album Design Proofing

Easy way to comment on the album design, request a change in the layout or pictures, approve a design when you have time, and then it goes for printing. Approved albums will arrive at your doorstep within a week. Read more..

Post Production 

We retouch all your photos, and normally take 6-8 weeks after the event to deliver all your pictures.

Print Ready Images

All your selected images will be given out in a dvd or external hard drives for further printing and enlargements.

We don’t hold back anything.