Is a General wedding packages right solution for your wedding ?

Today we want to clear this up to all the couples out there who are hitched, this is one of the most common asked,

What are you packages ? / Whats your charge ?

How much do you charge for a wedding photography ?

Am getting married, send me you quote.We need all services.

The Truth / unaware of the fact of packages for indian weddings.

Our country is well-known for various cultures and vast traditional differences. One of our countries uniqueness which everyone is proud of this fact, but when it comes to your wedding package this is not a helping factor.

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For understanding, let us see how many combinations we need to consider before doing a package.

For example Telugu Hindu Weddings Scenario

  1. Did you know just in Telugu Hindu Weddings traditions we have close to 20 different styles of wedding, these are 20 different ways they do a wedding celebration.I don’t want to get into details, but think about it as 20 different packages just for Telugu Hindu Weddings. 
  2. Let say we are crazy and we do 20 packages, Not all client need the same services at their wedding. We start a with minimum number of services 5 (Here are few example services you would like to get Traditional Wedding Services like Traditional Photography, Conventional Video coverage , Candid Photography, Cinematic Coverage, Drone Coverage etc). These services are different for each bride / groom. Considering we have only 5 different type of services, we could do 120 different combination of these services that’s around 100 different packages. 
  3. What about Tamil Weddings ? North Indian Weddings ? Christian Weddings ? List goes on forever.
  4. Most of wedding photographers love to render best ever services at a wedding as bride / groom wants / needs, but just asking what do you charge without letting us know what clearly you are expecting will never help you.

This is how big it can be just considering one type of weddings.

Next up would be Hour of Coverage

  1. For some clients, the bride making / haldi program may run for 2hrs & for others it may run up 8hrs. Definitely we can’t charge a 2hrs program the same as we do for 10hrs coverage which doesn’t many any sense.
  2. Most of the events never start on time / end on time. Of course most of the wedding photographers wait to complete the event. This also one the factors most of wedding photographers are considering now a day is Pay for lost of our time / Pay hourly based. Either you understand each photographers has a workflow / schedule / if your event is running for some odd cause, you show consider pay proper renumeration. (Common Sense don’t you think so ? )
  3. Some extend schedules with prior notice. If a photographer / videographer is shooting a extra hour considering your request, Will you not expect them to post process / edit them ? Whatever the extra cost shouldn’t be considered ?

Number of Guests.

  1. This isn’t a major factor but if you need a proper coverage for all of your guests, covering 200 guests is lot different 2000 guest. Hope thats clear 🙂

Every wedding photographer and us, love to give you the package openly / straight up which it’s not practical possible.

Either you consider all these or understand how many factors we have to consider, the best way out is  ask for custom package made just for you.

So next time …  😉 you know the drill.

PS: We love you.

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Either you respect us for what we do or not, Consider writing an email / a detailed call, with all the  schedule of event, services needed will be good start for you. It’s really important to talk to your photographer about every possible idea you have.