Wedding Highlights Video Explained

There are many differences between a wedding highlights video or cinematic trailers and candid wedding movies, we would like to explain you one.

As the name suggests wedding highlights video is just a highlight video of the wedding shots on a DSLR. The main emphasis of this videographer/cinematographer while shooting a wedding highlights video is to capture the important moment at the weddings. This may be exchanging the rings/thali/thalambralu/VIP guests those key things which happen at the wedding.

When it comes to wedding movie the cinematographer captures all the wedding highlights video and also makes effort to captures candid moments and interviews of the bride, groom, friends etc. This create a wonderful story, a beautiful memory of whole wedding.

As wedding cinematography  is getting more and more popular way of sharing the wedding on social media its important to know which you type video you choose either wedding highlights video or wedding movie whichever is best for you.

Do note, it also important to document the wedding properly on video. This is generally done on Full HD video camera or captioned as Traditional Videography / Conventional Videography. Even though most of you would only prefer watching / sharing the wedding highlights video on your social media, it always suggests first document the wedding then add highlight video to your wedding package.

Other photographers may use different terminology for the highlights video as wedding cinematic trailers.

Hope you enjoy the video as we enjoyed shooting it. ?

It always important to invest in wedding photography and videography futuristically.

Location: Warangal, India

Cameras: 5d Mark 3, PSR 160

Team: Adam, Paulson, JT, Ashok, Praveen and DC