Wedding Film / Wedding Cinematography is flawless way to capture your wedding.

The days of sharing conventional video are long gone. Wedding Highlight videos / Cinematic Trailers / Wedding Movies Trailers bring all the important moments of your wedding in one place.

Highlight Videos

Highlight Videos or often called as WEDDING TRAILERS are summary of your wedding. As the name suggests, highlight of important moments of your wedding/events. You can opt for these if you want to share to your wedding to your friends on social networking website.

Generally these videos are primarily shot on DSLRs and will use the footage from documentary/conventional video to make a meaningful highlight trailer.

We believe the videos are best way to share your wedding, but we also believe wedding should be documented properly first. So this should be a add on always in your package.

You will fall in love of this work!

The above was a two day destination wedding held in Ramoji Flim City, Hyderabad. 🙂

Vyshu and Rakesh are childhood sweet hearts and they came down to Warangal to get married!

Celebrations gives us #happiness. It will be enchanting if it is a bunch of our loving stars..presenting one such engagement celebration of Daniel’s sister Neethi with Samuel.

Watch the above trailer to see how extravagant traditional south Indian weddings can get! This is from Nellore, we shot!