Silhouette are something we so often view in many posters, quotes background, social media but not knowing much about how it’s done and beauty behind this art. We break down how we silhouette, how we shoot silhouette which are meaningful. As customer of ours, you may wonder why we may shoot a silhouette of you. If you understand art behind and what they stand for you, you would totally love them. Lets go!

For vividsaaga, Every wedding is are intimate and all about the bride and groom. Ofcouse the are the family and relations we will come back to that later. When think little deep as a dreamer or a philosophers we know after all the festivity is done, its just both bride and groom as family as one in other words “US“.

Years from now, after this wedding is long over, what should we remember about it?

A week from now, when the crisis hits, what should we remember about this wedding?

Tomorrow, when the day gets busy, what would you like me to remember about us ?

A beautiful thought of “US” in a picture through silhouettes is what we do. Leaving your imagination there 😉

silhouette of bride groom in there couple session at Taramati Baradari

Silhouette can be a great way to create a dramatic portrait or emphasize colors and shapes within a scene. Silhouette photography essentially creates a dark shape/outline of someone or something visible against a lighter background, especially in dim light.

How to Create a Silhouette ?

It’s important to remember to place your subjects against a lighter background or use a flash as a backlight to chisel them out of a scene in order to make them pop. Another key component when trying to make photography silhouettes is to properly expose for your background in your scene instead of your couple. You’ll see that during a lot of the silhouette photography and couple of examples below, there is rich and vibrant colour due to proper exposure settings. Now that we’ve covered the way to create a silhouette, let’s inspect some examples so that you love these photos more!

Silhouette photograph at a couple session

After shooting all day we were done shooting this beautiful couple, all of us were relaxing and enjoying the sunset at Ramaappa. We just have to keep the couple around after the sun has set because the magic happens about ten minutes later. Positioned the couple and captured this photo. Straight out of the camera we end-up with this beautiful silhouette of the couple with the sunset. silhouette of wedding couple

1 wedding picture silhouette

“It was a bright sunny day, around 2 PM, the sunlight was very strong at the Laknavaram. We had discussed with the couple about our visions about a perfect sunset session with lake and nature in background. It was very unfortunate our bride wasn’t feeling 100% as we took a boat ride to get to the location. so we took a break asked them to relax. Noticed the nice refections on the floor, and bright light, we decided trying a silhouette.  Will the couple were relaxing in this hut, we knew shooting in towards the super bright light give us a perfect silhouette.

So we used the mass of water (lake) which as our source of light and composed this image. Tried few more locations, positioned the couple as them just outside there room door. We end up with this image.

Just to show you the scene before we decide to shoot a silhouette – Washed out sky

couple a bright sun

Here are few more beautiful silhouette at the sunset,

silhouette of couple during sunset



Silhouette photographs at wedding

This was spontaneous. We were taking some images of groom and bride at this door, while shooting I observed people walking by creating this shadow on the glass. Positioned the bride against the glass and added appropriate light to cast a perfect silhouette of the bride.

telugu groom and indian bride silhouette


Well if have been following us, you know we also shoot many multiple exposures as well. While shooting a multiple exposures if you are planning to additive mode, the first images should be dark. Dark image/Silhouette photographs would act as a based for wonderful multiple exposure photos you plan to shoot.

Happy shooting