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Traveling is challenging when it comes to shoot at few locations. Due to busy schedule and no proper direct trains we get stuck many times in scenarios like these. Though its part of our job we endure these to achieve the purpose.  Here is one story which happened while shooting Somya’s Wedding was challenging. When we reached to Vijaywada was around 1.00am. We had information that they would be ‘N’ number of buses to Guntur. We arrived very early to vijayawada to our scheduled time was 4pm so we had loads of time figuring out.

Bad news was “No buses where going towards Guntur”, late night with all the team waiting in bus station, we roam around to get a taxi which wasn’t possible as well, Following day was AP formation day so nothing was available.

Talking to people around, a officer told its better take buses that direction but not our destination tho. We boarded a bus, with no other option left, we requested Somya to send a vehicle to collect us. We reached our hotel at 4.30am when journey via road was 40min around 28Kms.

Thats all how it started, a wired night, unexpected twists in our journey to shoot this wedding. After all these experience we now choose client

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Capture by Adam, Daniel, Jashwanth – one of the best wedding photographers in India.

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