Top 50 Wedding Photographers in India

We have glad we could make it to top 50 wedding photographers in india 2016 on Better Photography – Canon WPOY in Wedding Details Section of the competition. The image we submitted for this competition on were the image we shot till last April(2015). We knew this wasn’t the measure of our effort as all our customers are 100% satisfied with what delivered to them, this was just to see how good we are, when compared with others top wedding photographers in india. We hope we can make it top 10 gradually with our efforts and focus.

We would like to take time this opportunity to appreciate each and every team member who has shot with us at different occasions till date for this success we have achieved. Here is the list,

Santosh – Documentary Photography

Nehemiah – Documentary Photography

Adam – Documentary Photography & Post Production

Jashwanth – Candid Photography

Kumar – Documentary Photography

Suhas – Documentary Photography

Manogna – Portrait/Candid Photography

Jaspreet – Documentary Photography

Amit – Documentary Photography

and last but not the least Daniel Chris – Everything*** 🙂

Top 50 wedding photographers in india

Top 50 wedding photographers in india – Canon BP WPOY

Vision and Demand

Our vision was always to capture real moments , being creative which ever scenario we shoot and above all have everything document properly at each wedding we shoot. We always wanted to work with photographers who had this vision and deliver the unique wedding story for the newly wed couples. This vision could be achieved with team effort over each individual’s efforts as our workflow involves many people working their roles to deliver a wonderful product at the end.

With high demand of quality work we have limited choices of photographers whom we prefer to work. So each time a couple hire us they can be rest assure the team will deliver the best possible output in a given scenario.

If you are the couple who are looking out for wedding photographer, we would like to tell you, we love to capture your wedding story as it unfolds but equally important for you consider these things as minimum

  • Communicate – This is key as your requirement is different for everyone else. We have many relatives/people involved in the indian wedding scenario making important decisions so communicating with them as well the wedding photographers is key. Sooner the couples know the requirement, the easier it would be for us to get the right people covering the events.
  • Plan – For every successful wedding planning is also one the important key. We all know that but most of the time our weddings schedules are ignored, but having a rough idea at least or idea of sequence of the events to be covered would help us to understand & be prepared. We have seen most of the planned wedding are easy going and well captured.
  • Pay – Just like iPhone is simple yet expensive phone out there, proper coverage can simple be expensive. Its good to have budget for the photography. It maybe 1 hour coverage with full intensity/ full day coverage small events you will need communicate, decide what services would be appropriate and pay, this in turn would give you a proper output. 7/10 couples don’t even know how expensive it can be so better be prepare it. End of the day you are paying for your own memories to be captured which would are gone forever if its captured properly.


This year we have set our goals higher than before to deliver wonderful imagery and flawless movies for the couples who hire us. We have already stepped up our detailed editing process for raw photo and video footage, with delivery time around 6 to 8 weeks than before 4 to 6 weeks. Album prints, Highlights/Trailer, Wedding Movies and much more are pushed to the highest possible level of demand as we parter with selected few teams on these need.

Top 50 wedding photographers in india Love

That been said we love to continue what we do and close with a huge thanks for all the wonderful couples who trusted us to make this happen without you we would never get a chance to express ourself.


Team Vividsaaga

Details : Canon BP WPOY 2016 -17: Top 50 in Finer Wedding Details or Still Life Category

*** Office boy, Candid Photography and Post production.

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