Telugu weddings tips

Here are some tips for bride and groom who are planning for thier telugu weddings. Telugu weddings are fun and lovable if we prepare and enjoy the right way.

Indian wedding spefically telugu weddings is not a sprint, they marathon – very colorful, loud, indulgent marathon. Most marriages desi does not consist of a few minor events leading up to the all-out party; they are one of the major event after another. While this collection of parties are great fun for guests, also can be exhausting for the telugu bride.

Here are five things all couples should do to maintain the energy for their Indian Telugu weddings.

1. Take a little more time off from work:

Many brides can work all week, taking a personal day on Friday, got married on Saturday and head on honeymoon on Sunday. It may not be the case for the Indian bride, though. The number of functions we have to make it really difficult to swing work and last-minute wedding preparation without feeling really run down by the time the event is scheduled.

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2. Stash comfortable shoes in all your events:

With all the partying you will do, you will not just be mental fatigue – your body will also take a hit. You’ll be on your feet a lot during your wedding weekend so make sure you keep yourself comfortable. Bring comfortable wedges or even flat for all your events and changed into them when you feel your legs getting sore. The last thing you want to do is limp down the aisle!

3. Maintain a healthy diet:

What you eat actually affect your energy level. You may be involved in a delicious meal for your wedding ceremony so keep lunch and light breakfast and clean. Start your day with oatmeal, sip green smoothies and snack on fruits and nuts to keep your energy levels high.

4. Consider starting a post-wedding lunch later:

Wake up early and pulled himself together on the morning after the wedding you really hard. To avoid feeling completely overwhelmed by the lineup, consider having lunch later in the morning – or even hold a farewell post-wedding instead.

bride enjoying talambralu at a telugu weddings
5. Slips out of your pre-wedding event early:

If you are having sangeet night before your wedding, consider ducking early so you can go home and get some beauty sleep. Sounds crazy for a bride to leave her own wedding ceremony early, but most guests will not see that they are in turmoil partying.

How do you suggest brides India passed their events? Tell us!

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