South Indian Wedding Photography

Weddings in India are fun. These events are always full of lush layouts, dances, rituals, a kaleidoscopic whirl of colours and above all the rituals and ceremonies spread over a few days before the actual nuptial. These events need to be recorded properly for future viewing of the marriage album. This photo record is always fun to move down the memory lane and recall the past nostalgically and to refresh happy memories. That is why you should avail of the South Indian Wedding Photography-with our professional photographers to capture every event.

bride walking towards madapam

Wedding Photography has become almost a ritual today. It would be a lifeless ceremony, without the roving-camcorder bringing the best of the jazz and jing associated with marriage. This photography can be divided into various segments in the Indian scenario. It has to record the visuals of all the rituals that take place days before, followed by the marriage rituals and reception along with the most poignant moments of ‘Vidai’-the tearful good-bye- to the married couple. Therefore, it is necessary to not only have good equipments for flawless photography, but a professional expert also who should be well versed with the momentous rituals of weddings in South India. You may find many wedding photographers in town who say they provide candid photography, wedding highlight videos, but none like our services for South Indian Wedding Photography.

bride and groom exchanging wedding rings

South Indian Wedding Photography rituals

Most of the South Indian Weddings begin days ahead of the event. These are a long drawn affair stretching over many days. Some changes due to modern practices have brought down the length of the ritualistic affairs to a few days from engagement to wedding and reception at the groom’s house.

bride pooja during wedding

First responsibitly of any photographer must document all the events of a marriage for the posterity. Tho many now a days love candid photography as they capture nature expressions its equaly important to document the events properly. The Hindu wedding rituals begin with events like the Nishchyathaatham ceremony similar to Istikhara-the gathering of religious heads that begins the ceremonies for a Muslim wedding. The photography of ceremonies of the purification of the bride on the night before the actual wedding ceremony followed by the Sumangli prarthanai, Dadhyaaradhanai, the pre-nuptial rituals like Nalangu, turmeric bath, mehendi, ritualistic worship of gods on the actual day with the panigrahan etc. are important practices of a Hindu marriage. The Muslims also celebrate similar auspicious events like Imam-Zamin, mangni, manzha and mehendi and the actual Nikah. The Christian rituals begin with engagement followed by a hen party involving the bride and a bachelor party by the groom culminating into the actual church service of the marriage ceremony. The goodbye ritual for the newly married couples is a similar tear-filled parting for all the weddings. The South Indian Wedding Photography needs experts to record all these events.

groom going to vnavasam and bride side pleasing him not to go

groom getting ready going to vnavasam

Hence, we would like you suggest to carefully pick your photographer, either it may be just photography you need or cinematic wedding highlights or just traditonal videography. We offer the wedding photography in the form of a package. These packages are generally done according to your specific requirements so that it becomes convenient for you. We provide you the perfect South Indian Wedding Photography, as we are specialists in it.

candid moment of bride and groom during endurukodalu in a South Indian Wedding

bride mom enjoying her moments in a South Indian Wedding Photography

bride and groom enjoying the traditional south indian wedding

Groom pooja at a South Indian Wedding

bride and groom pooja in a south indian wedding

bride and dad during wedding ceremony at a south indian wedding

bride performing vidayii rivals