bride and groom with thar jeep in a wedding couples session

Outdoor Couple Shoot or Engagement Sessions

Outdoor Couple shoots are real fun. Either its being pre wedding outdoor couple shoot or post wedding couple shoot.Believe it or not as a photographer its the best time behind the camera.

This is something every couples wants now a days. As all couples expect a “amazing images, and as natural looking as possible”, its really hard rather to just random poses.

Each every couple wants to know, What should we wear for outdoor couple shoot ?

Good question. Simplest answer for “What should we wear for outdoor couple shoot ? ” is wear what you love! Normally, everyone get stuck with a pre defined ideas. These ideas either come from movies or your closes friends outdoor couple photos or pictures on someones Facebook page. Having a idea of what you love/like is really good but copying the same idea isn’t. As a person we all are unique. Everyone have their own positives and negatives, own shapes and sizes.  So we suggest don’t try copy someones dress or shoot, try to stick to what you love as being original is what matters.

We do believe you are special ! Our job is bring out your beauty in your couple shoot!

Does Pre Planned Shopping help?

Yes and No. If you have pre planned something and you shopped already with the idea, this is certain  you will need talk to your photographer regarding this. Make sure you, your fiancé and photographer are on the same page/ideas. Make sure this pre planning is your original thought of your not copied as stated above. Chances of failing, When you have a pre planned idea it is always a struggle as photographer as you decide the creative content. So this may totally fail or totally would work, their is no guarantee. So just be very careful to what to decide.

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A Photographers prospective

If you are already wearing what you love, the dress which is comfortable, this mean you are already confident how you look. Shooting a confident you is real easy. We can concentrate on bring out best composition depending on the location we shoot.

Our effort in a outdoor couple shoot

We at Vividsaaga are focused to helping you bring true emotions in the pictures.

Our every effort is to make lively and loveable pictures no matter what. We shoot couples who are recently into arranged marriage to couple who are in love from childhood.We do try our best in showing each and every customer as beautiful as they are.

We do the extra mile, if isn’t working between couple. We do spend extra time with the couple, eventually end up with images which each and every couples love. Any outdoor couple shoot, Pre wedding couple shoot or post wedding couple shoot we believe, the amount of work we (couple and photographer) put in always pays off by getting amazing looking images with loads of emotions overflowing in them.



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Colour Combination – Does same colour dress matter ?

Yes and but not always! Most of us get into do get into this wrong notion too, but remember chemistry between a couples wont work due to colour. Its good to go with same colour when you are shooting in a wonderful location and contrast in images work. We all know life isn’t perfect the way we want. We always strive to become perfect. Same way don’t expect wearing same colour dress will change the facts, just try to stick to what you really love. Make sure you are 100% comfortable in what you planning to wear.


If you expecting naturally beautiful pictures it should come from inside. If you are happy those emotions reflect on the image, right !!


bride and groom having fun at couple session


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couple shoot in vizag beach road