If you think your wedding saga is one in a million,

your wedding photos are on us.

In our pursuit to present unique stories with fresh perspective we have decided that instead of waiting for great stories to come knocking on our doors we will go out and search for them. We are proud to introduce our audacious project “On the house” where we help showcase stories which otherwise might go un-noticed due to lack of awareness or budget constraints. We are looking for couples who are getting married and have a very interesting story to tell or planning a very off-beat wedding, and we will be presenting their story for absolutely no fee.

So far we shot 3 full sized weddings, raised ₹75000 & knocked off ₹165,000 in our bills.

When you need help, you can count on us.

Plain and simple share your story.


  • Remember to submit this form, 6 months prior to your wedding date (Sooner the better).
  • For the form filled before 31st December 2018,  your wedding dates must be between March 2019 – October 2019.
  • The selection will be solely made on the basis of uniqueness of the wedding – budget, location, scale, events, ethnicity doesn’t matter.
  • Standard delivery timeline for photos is 46 months.
  • Travel and accommodation charges apply based on wedding location.