Mehndi in Indian Wedding Photography

Marriage is a union of two souls for a lifetime. Though every marriage is different, Indian weddings are famous for their numerous customs, various traditions and rituals that are related to the big wedding ceremony. Indian wedding are full of music, dance, performing various rituals, ceremonies and lots and lots of fun. Without this any Indian marriage is incomplete. Moreover,most of Indian weddings are not a one day function. One such ceremony is the Mehndi ceremony.

About the Mehndi ceremony

The Mehndi ceremony is something which is trailed by the spouse’s family. The inception of this entertaining recognition goes back to time immemorial and is one of the most seasoned Indian wedding traditions. No one wants to miss this; therefore, it plays a significant role in the Indian wedding photography. 

The Mehndi ceremony is considered as the most important and sensational pre-wedding functions in Northern India. Aside from the fun it confers, it has a profound attached social noteworthiness to it.

Indian wedding photography

Did you know ?

The Mughals brought Mehendi to India as lately as the 15th century AD. The tradition of Henna or Mehendi originated in North Africa and the Middle East.

In India distinctive families have diverse traditions. While a few families consolidate this with the “Sangeet” ceremony, other praises it independently. Nowadays, with modernization getting overwhelming over practically every age-old society, grooms are additionally seen partaking in this function alongside the spouse’s family.

Mehndi Ki Raat

The night before the wedding is called as the Mehndi Ki Raat when Mehndi is put on the hands and feet of the Indian bride as well as bridegroom by a family member or a Mehndi expert. The design may vary as the bride will have detailed designs on her hand and feet whereas the groom will just apply it for Shagun. This function can take a couple of hours to complete the design on bride’s hand and feet.

This whole custom is empowered with a more profound centrality. Indians believe that this ceremony is quite auspicious, as it reinforces the bond between the soon to be a married couple. It is a belief that darker the shade of the henna is, the more profound her spouse’s adoration for her will be. That is the reason photographers want to capture it very carefully in Indian wedding photography.

Indian wedding photography


“The darker the color the mehndi leaves on the hands on a bride, the more will she be loved by her husband and mother-in-law. ”  



Significance of Mehndi in Indian Wedding Photography

Mehndi connotes the obligation of marriage, a promise both the bride and her spouse make which they follow for the lifetime. Considered as a ‘Shagun’, it implies the adoration between the couple and their families.

Here are some mainstream views connected with this function.

  • The darker is the shade of Mehndi on spouse’s hand; the more profound will be the adoration for man of the hour for his lady
  • The henna shading likewise delineates the affection and comprehension between the spouse and her relative
  • The more drawn out the Mehndi holds its shading, the more favorable it is for the love birds
  • Mehndi is likewise regarded to be a typical representation of fruitfulness