Please Note

Even though we have put together a package which may suit your needs, we want to kindly note these pointer which are key for a package

  1. Number of guests : If you are expecting more number of guests for the event or wedding, please as let us know. This may effect the coverage on the whole.
  2. *Documentary / Conventional Photography / Videography is important part of any package with Candid photography. Read More
  3. *Travel: We travel all over India on assignments. Travel costs are as per the lowest / most reasonable fare during the slot needed. All travel charges need to be paid in advance and will be clearly indicated in your wedding package.
  4. Stay: We typically stay as a guest of the family. No fancy requirements, but a nice room, a clean loo with some privacy for midnight backup & edits!
  5. Print Albums:  We do also provide extra Wedding Albums starting at 15,000/-. Please call us for more details.
  6. Advance booking is required. All offers are subject to availability at time of booking, unless otherwise noted.
  7. Offers are not valid in conjunction with any other offer or contract and do not apply to previously booked business.

If these wedding packages are not a proper fit for you, please contact us via phone 08886666800 / 07799977455 or email [email protected]

Here are our Teams and Conditions of service


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