If you’re curious, our basic package begins at INR 1.35 lakhs

Here is Breakdown of our pricing

Candid Photography

FOR FULL DAY (upto 8 HRs) – INR 55,000

FOR FULL DAY + another consecutive half DAY(4 to 5 hours) – INR 80,000

FOR 2 FULL DAY (8 HRs each) – INR 100,000 .

These charges are for Daniel Chris or JT or ONE of us to shoot candid photography only, and includes processed print or high resolution files in a DVD(no limit on number of images).


FOR FULL DAY (8 HRs) – INR 95,000

FOR FULL DAY + another consecutive half DAY(4 to 5 hours) – INR 125,000

FOR 2 FULL DAY (8 HRs) – INR 160,000

These charges are for ONE of team member from shaadigrapher to shoot cinematic footage and edit with proper mix of sound, music and interviews to create one flawless candid documentary movie. A half day shoot will lead to ~ 10 min of movie and full day to 15-20mins of movie. A ~5 min trailer can be ordered additionally for INR 20,000.

Highlight Trailers

FOR FULL DAY (upto 8 HRs) – INR 45,000  

FOR FULL DAY + another consecutive half DAY(4 to 5 hours)* – INR 55,000

FOR 2 FULL DAY (8 HRs) – INR 75,000

These charges are for ONE of team member from vividsaaga to shoot highlight footage and edit with proper mix of sound, music and interviews if any to create one flawless highlight trailers. A half day shoot will lead to ~ 5 min of trailer and full day shoot to 10mins of trailer.

Interviews should be mentioned at the time of booking.

Documentary Services

We haven been known for making traditional & candid services work seamlessly in every project. You can order a combination of both candid photography, traditional photography, cinematic and conventional videography for your wedding. This may depend on both teams availably.

Traditional / Conventional Photo / Video

Upto 7H INR 20,000 | Then on INR 1,500/hour.


INR 15,000 FOR 50 pages

INR 20,000 FOR 100 pages

Size: 10″x 14″,

Album Type: Nue Flush Mount (Lay-flat binding)

Both the above options are from Canvera – one of the leading photo-book publishers in India.

Couple Shoot

INR 45,000 FOR (Full Day)

These charges are for ONE of us to shoot couple shoot only, and includes processed print or high resolution files in a DVD(no limit on number of images).

Generally a Post Wedding Couple shoot are Free Compliment* for couples who opt full Wedding coverage. Call us for more details.  

Other Services

These services are provided by external vendors. Thought we work with people who deliver quality, Vividsaaga is not responsible for their quality of service.

Custom websites for your wedding, a wedding app, Online Streaming, TV/LED screens and wedding planners etc.

Please contact us for more details.


Enquiry’ means that someone has started discussions with us, but is yet to block the dates (by paying the advance fee). We work on a first come first serve basis – and it’s decided based on who blocks the date first (not based on who enquired first).

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So are we still available?

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Why US ?

We believe that in hiring a professional wedding photographer, clients deserve to have an expert that’s able to use his or her technological experience and creative vision to make a product that clients and amateur photographers couldn’t on their own. With digital cameras becoming cheaper, there are several amateur photographers out there posing as professionals. Our goal is to teach our clients on the differences, and provide timeless imagery that far surpasses other top knotch wedding photography teams.
Our Wedding photography philosophy has three primary components as follows:

  1. We believe Wedding photographers are artists and thus should have a deep understanding of artistic concepts, composition, lighting, design, balance, etc.
  2. Wedding photographers and Videographers should be using professional camera and lighting equipment.
  3. Wedding photographers are constantly in unusual lighting situations with significant time constraints, so wedding photographers should be masters of their equipment. Being able to quickly change camera settings, anticipate lenses required for every scene, use on and off-camera lighting techniques, etc are crucial to having the ability to consistently produce amazing products.

Our promise is to deliver best possible service making sure each & every memory is captured on your big day. As all know Indian weddings are really complicated with loads of traditions, tight schedules and lot of guests, from our start in 2013 we have shoot over 50+ weddings as a team, 350+ weddings as individuals and 1000+ other professional work, we never failed to deliver what we have promised. If you are our next client reading this, you are in right place just make sure you give us all the details so we can understand you need and deliver to your expectation.

Now that you are here, you should know

The goal of Vivid Saaga is to bring together the most effective, most passionate, and most creative wedding photographers and videographers within the India to form a team focused on client satisfaction, attention to very detail, and creativity. Composition, mood, anticipation, intensity, emotion, energy, romance, and relationships are the elements that we will use to create your inspiring and ageless wedding photos. With a unique style influenced by wedding photojournalism, our high standards of quality and creativity, and our philosophy of putting clients first, Vivid Saaga has become one of the unique team caring about client satisfaction as the highest priority in the industry.