There’s no denying the fact that wedding stress is a bit higher in our Telugu weddings. Telugu weddings are a treat to watch, Regardless of the opulence, traditional setting, laid back style, modernized or lavish styles, Telugu weddings remain special. They have a beauty and charm of their own, and due to the colorful vibe and sheer exuberance matched with it. As a wedding is in a perfect world a marvelous and exquisite issue where glasses ring towards joy, shimmering visitors welcome and meet and you move away under the sparkling spotlight with your significant other, all in the murkiness of adoration. Obviously, this is just the perfect picture of the wedding! What goes underneath all the making arrangements for this super occasion makes certain to consume anyone out! Thus, in the event that you are the bride or man of the hour, wedding stress should not shock you!

Reasons behind WEDDING STRESS?

In our Indian culture weddings, there are a large number of components involving in our wedding planning. for example, various pre-wedding traditions, individual’s priorities, guests, logistics, tasks, locational and legitimate requirements can prompt wedding stress.

We could say one fo the underlying reason being our society is so culturally diverse, and we are so exposed to this technology, social media that we all now invariably wanting uniqueness and variety in our functions. Asking soo many opinions in regards to your wedding dress, decor, locations or even browsing too many unrealistic ideas on Pinterest can lead to unrealistic expectations.
Yes research is good and everyone should do it but you always think about your reality.

In blended culture weddings, holding fast to many restricting customs can prompt somewhat unhappy circumstances. You can easily solve these questions with a twinge of understanding and a mind ready for understanding your limitations.

Groom thinking about wedding


pintrest search wedding ideas

Right off the bat, understand that wedding stress is totally normal. It happens to everyone, and your loved ones will comprehend what you are experiencing.

Breathe. Relax. Unwind.

Your wedding is a day to appreciate, not to stress.

Everything else will take a back seat during this a great time – your family, friends, companions, your work, your me-time. As a lady of the hour or man of the hour, acknowledge that everything else will be all-good.

The most effective method to manage WEDDING STRESS

1) Book a single wedding planner:
The power of having one go-to wedding planner itself can pull the heap from your shoulders and help you focus on your core tasks (which is remaining glad and favoured!). Hire a wedding planner you are most comfortable with and let them take care of the wedding day for you.

2) Delegate tasks:
Doing everything independently from anyone else will transform you into Bridezilla! So, if you haven’t hired a wedding planner, allocate certain departments of your wedding planning to trusted relatives and companions. They can report back to you after doing their groundwork(finding the right venue, finding places to shop, best makeup artist, etc), saving you both time and energy.

3) Using a wedding planner app:
For the tech-savvy couple, arranging is made more straightforward with the use of mobile apps. Wedding planning apps have a lot of great things in one place. Checklists, timelines, contact forms, payment options in a few, all in one place helps you to get a bit organized.

Also, many apps such as Anydo, Google Keep, Trello are cross platform (works both iOS and Andriod), these allows you to share data between couples so that they can plan together.

4) Shopping help:
Visiting every other boutique, designer store for your wedding purchases will waste both time and fuel. Take suggestions from your wedding planner, get a pre-booked appointment from selected designers and collections based on your tastes and ideas. Likewise, purchasing your sarees, other outfits, gowns, and other bridal and bridesmaids wear from one single store can significantly reduce hassle.

5) Prepare a playlist:
While most the weddings in hyderabad are elaborate affairs, there’s nothing quite like a Telugu wedding. Right from the offbeat entry of the bride sitting in a bamboo basket, all the rituals in the wedding are quirky and a lot of fun. All the moments accompanied by proper background music which wedding more exquisite.

Personal level tips handling wedding stress

5) Complete pre-marriage formalities well ahead of time:
In many communities, pre-marriage courses take place in a certain order on specific dates. For those travelling abroad post-marriage, ensure that your passport and visa documents are in order. Also, enquire regarding registration and legalization in your district offices well in advance.


It’s becoming more common to have a dance or two for the wedding couple nowadays maybe it in the reception or if you have beautiful sageeth. If you are feeling nervous about these dances or parties, It would be good you set up a rehearsal a few days before the wedding? Also, if you have a cross cultured wedding and have the first dance, rehearse your first dance. Don’t also forget to prepare a few speeches mentally, just in case someone asks you talk.

Food Tips

8) Eat correctly:
Junk food, Biryanis, Spicy acidic food which we love a lot can lead to tummy upsets and higher perspiration. Keep your plate clean and healthy with plenty of fruits, vitamins, nuts, water and loads of juices. Vitamin C supplements can give you a great glow in your wedding photos! Red dark chocolate trick, when you are really stressed out, eat a slab of rich dark chocolate! This will really melt away all your worries in a swirl of chocolate.

9) Treat your body right:
Sleep is king, solve many problems in life. We learn this in our childhood, we must sleep for 8 hours and exercise regularly. At least the week before your wedding, apply some Vaseline on your Mehendi-clad feet and cover them with socks overnight. This will ensure your legs are soft, camera-ready on the big day! A soft satin pillow cover and braiding your hair before your night sleep will give you natural waves the next day.

10) Travel hardships:
Even though it’s hard, try and avoid travel for at least a couple of weeks before the big day. If you need to travel for the wedding, plan properly with your family and get to the wedding location a few days prior to the wedding day. This helps you facing jet lag issues. Travelling on the day or a late night or day before is a big No. If you are travelling locally in Hyderabad, make sure you the route you take has fewer traffic problems. This saves you from getting more stress. And eliminates the risk of contracting unsightly zits or diseases.

Hire a photographer

Last, by not the least, hire one professional wedding photography team to help you out with coverage for each and every event. Most of them hire two or three teams for covering the bride side and groom side of the wedding. Unless until the team which covers the wedding has previously worked with the other two teams all your efforts of planning will go waste, lack of co-ordination.

May sure your planning pays off and they capture great pictures and wonderful memories for you both.