As you may know, our team is composed of one master photographer and a group of very talented assistant photographers. Each assistant operates his or her own work; and each were carefully selected for their combination of talent, creativity, and personality.


We’re located in Warangal, TG, but we shoot weddings and events all over India. We shoot the majority of our weddings right here in the Warangal and Hyderabad. Another 10%-15% are shot in Chennia, 10%-15% in Bangalore, 10%-15% in the other part of AP, and 10%-15% in destination locations. With that said, the majority of our assistant needs are for photographers located in the Hyd/Warangal area, but we still require talented shooters in these other areas as we plan to expand our reach.


There are some of important qualifications for all of our assistants.

I. Awesome personality – This doesn’t necessarily mean the most talkative or outgoing personality. However, both our clients and our team would treasure honest, genuine, and easy-to-work-with individuals.

II. Minimum Equipment – We’re strong believers in a true photographer’s abilities to create lasting imagery with minimal equipment. However, with that said, the wedding industry is a client serving industry, and with that comes the importance of client perception. As such, we’ve listed a preferred set of equipment. In order to be an assistant of Vivid Saaga, we require you to have access to, either by owning, or renting, the following equipment.

a. Camera Body:
Preferred – Professional Camera (Canon 5D and above, Nikon D700 and above)

b. Lenses:
Preferred – At least one fixed aperture zoom lens (24-105mm f/4, or 70-200 either f/2.8 or f/4.0)

Preferred – Full set of lenses at fixed apertures, 27-70mm f/2.8, and 70-200mm f/2.8

c. Lighting:
Preferred – Canon 580EX or Canon 600EX or Nikon SB600, Flash Diffuser and Battery Pack

d. Memory:
Preferred – 32GB of storage on any brand(Over 80mb/s )

III. Creativity + Technical Skills – The most qualification is possessing both creativity and technical skills. These are normally developed over time with experience and training, but in general, it’s important that you start with a minimum foundation of these two skills upon which we can build.


To get started, we ask that you submit the form below with a link to your work either a dropbox or google drive link. If you are chosen, Daniel will give you a call to chat about your future goals, expectations, etc. Instead of going through a traditional interview process, we would rather see you in action by inviting you on the next wedding in our schedule as a 4rd or 5th shooter. This first wedding will be one for which the client has not booked an assistant, as we don’t feel it right to charge clients for assistants with no experience working with our team. This wedding will be unpaid, however your obligations are limited and we only ask that you show up for the hours that you are available.

If we work well together and we are pleased with the images, we would then schedule you for future dates as a paid assistant.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Before joining our team, it's important that you become very familiar with everything that we do. Though it is not required, we suggest that you "like and follow" these sites to stay up to date with all that is going on with our studio. Participation and commenting are great ways to stand out from the crowd.
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