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Q: What will be is the team size at my wedding?

The total team size for filming, conventional videography, traditional photography and candid photography can be between 6-10 depending on the scale of the wedding. This might go up if multiple functions are planned at the same time.

In total we are a team of 25 photographers/videographers/cinematographers/Editors.

Q: Do you believe in “One team to rule them all”?

Yes, we do. We like to be the only team shooting the event from both sides. We have a very unique style of shooting, team coordination and are able to deliver high quality photographs and films when given the freedom to shoot without constraint. Any amateur/professional photographer who has a different style of shooting might hold us back from doing what we are best at.

Q: Where can I see more of our work ?

We can’t show you more work 😛 We keep updating on our blog regularly. Have a look. 🙂

Q: How early do you need to book us?

Well, before someone else does.We block dates on 50% payment as booking fees and what it means is that, you just need to be quick enough than someone else who might pay us before you for the same date. Otherwise, you can feel free to take your time to decide. We work on First come, first serve is what we work on (Whoever decided first not by who enquired first, and it mean whoever pays the advance and blocks the date first).There is no time limit as such but we usually don’t prefer to take bookings more than 9 months in advance.

Q: Are we available on your dates?

Why don’t you check out for yourself. Please visit our availability. On the calendar, Enquiry mean someone else is trying to checked with us, but is yet to block the dates. ‘Booked’ means, well, booked and hence not available. We can’t arrange anyone if we are booked.

Q: I have filled up the contact form but haven’t received a reply. What should I do?

We usually reply to all the emails within 48 hours. If you haven’t received our email, please drop in message on +91-8886666800 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: “How do I reserve you for my date?”

A: We will send you a Pdf of contract which will have all the detailed description of the schedule, services as discussed, deliverable products and our terms via email. Once you are happy with the schedule and what you are receiving you can move ahead to book us. All the scheduled dates will be reserved once we receive 50% of the payment as on the contract and a signed copy of the contract.

Q. Do you publish all your work online?

Of course! That is how you have found us right? We are artists and we do like to show off the amazing work our team does. Sometimes the posts may get delayed when we are caught up with shoots and edits. But we do update our website, Facebook & Instagram pages as and when we can. We like to showcase selected photographs from each wedding in the form of story on our website along with a short teaser.

Q. What exactly is candid wedding photography?

If you go through few traditional wedding photographers work, you must have noticed how monotonous and similar looking all of the images are. Regular and some times ridiculously posed shots. Standard flash light for everything. You get the idea. 😉 For a regular studio photographer shooting with direct flash is best simple option in every scenario, as camera with direct flash works really differently. Its very fast to focus on the subject in photography terms its called flat lighting trying to show everything crispy and perfect. Interestingly thats not what our eyes are attracted too ! This is also why most of the amateur photographers or friends with point shoot / dslr camera or direct flash shots aren’t attractive. Our eyes search for the brightest part of photo or is attracted to brightest part of the image. So even if its image sharp and crispy which every traditional studio photographer delivers they look same. On the other hand photojournalists or candid photographers think about flattering the bride, capturing the moments, with the proper gear, retouching the images gives the images the wow moment presented correctly. It reflects back the extra effort, artistic vision, proper gear knowledge we end up having a wonderful storyline of imagery a.k.a Candid wedding photography. This should give a you idea. 🙂

Q: “Do we need a traditional photographer, Do you recommend it, Can you arrange them as well ?”

A: Well yes, but didn’t you just say their work isn’t interesting as it look same old stuff. Generally Candid wedding photographers in india don’t shoot family session. This is mainly because we have a huge guests list which leads to unlimited family photos but if its a small list of family let say 25 to 50 you can let them know. They should be able to do it for you. This one major factor you should hire a proper traditional photographer to do it for you. If the traditional photographer has proper knowledge of lighting you will have pretty amazing family portraits. Finding the really good traditional photographers can be challenging too. If their are parallel events happening it would hard if you just have one candid photographer who can’t cover up both event as so its really handy to have traditional studio photographer to fill in. Yes we have few traditional photographers in our team. We got that covered for you 🙂

Q: What about regular wedding videographer / traditional HD videography?

A: Yes. May be 2 or 3 to document the whole event. Of course don’t expect a artistic or cinematic output but just a HD video on dvd or blue ray. This is good to keep a record of everything.

Q: “Does your team provide traditional videography services?”

A: Yes we do depending on the availability our Traditional Weddings team and location. Traditional HD video services is part of our Traditional Weddings team who work standalone so if they are available we can provide it.

Q: “Do you guys do destination weddings? What additional fees are associated with destination weddings?”

A: We are travelling all around India as of now. Our destination wedding photography costs are simply our standard pricing plus the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations if necessary. Email [email protected] for details.

Q: “Does your team do family portraits, or group session at the wedding?”

A: Yes & No. Yes if you hire traditional photography services, which we always recommend. No if you just opt for candid photography.

Q: “What is your philosophy regarding photography?”

A: Well we are thinking to write a book on it actually :-p 😉 We love photography to core. We totally believe “our best photo is the next one we make”. No matter what scenario we are in, we want to be present in right moment, creative and be the best at what we do.Hope that make little sense how we think. 🙂

Q: “We don’t stay in india and won’t be able to meet us in person. Are there any other options?”

A: Most of our clients will not meet us in person, but see us directly only during the shoot, this something which happens more often with us. We love catching up in person if we happen to be in the same city. If your goal is to talk about coverage or changes in schedule or get a sense of the our personality, telephone calls or Skype session can be done.Its super easy. 🙂

Q: We see lot of south indian weddings samples, will you able to shoot my wedding in different style ?

A: Well we started off shooting more south Indian weddings but we trust in our ability to shoot across the world. If you can let us know the traditions in advance and things to keep an eye on, We are pretty sure we will nail it. 🙂

Q: “Is it possible for our family/friends to meet with you instead?”

A: Sure, just let us know way before in hand. Call us on 08886666800 or email us at [email protected]

Most of your questions are answered here! If you don’t find your question here. Feel free to Ask !

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