A destination wedding goa

When ever we think of destination wedding goa we always find ourself excited as we all know its party all night ! Yes this wedding we shot has same vibrance and energy to it. Full on party ! Have a look at these images and please take time to read the background story.

Team for this destination wedding goa
Photo : JT, Kumar and Daniel
Video : Praveen, Ashok, Paulson and Naveen (Drone)
Asst. : Adam, Akhil, Elizar and Anil
Location : Rio Resorts, Goa

Background Story  Saga :

Please keep this in mind I do not have any wrong intentions by sharing this story but I want you to understand how much we love shooting and what most of the wedding couple miss out.

Shooting this wedding was real fun and exciting to start off with. We knew it was action packed events.
Day one of this beautiful destination wedding goa, where we were shooting pool party and cocktail hour as per contract. This day was raining heavily, all the team was shooting with umbrellas on ! (Yes, it was risking our whole gear for capturing).
Most of the customers don’t understand a we carry costly gear (Our life saving) to each shoot to make sure we are prepared to any kind of scenarios. Risking it for just one shoot is it worth ? (It’s a debatable question) Can we risk again ? (Yes and No it depends)
Coming back to the story, rain wasn’t the challenging part of this shoot. Painful or Challenging or frustrating part was,  all the events scheduled after the pool party started 4 to 6 hours late. There may be many valid reasons but it doesn’t help. We do understand in India how things normally work. Yes, we expect delays but let’s say a hour which is still ok, we have to be practical its our IST.  But just waiting 6 hours was ridiculous and extending 6 hours of the schedule isn’t easy when you have a jam packed events back to back.
We all have experienced what waiting could do to you. Waiting isn’t easy, you loose all concentration, patience, less sleep for next events and hell lot of caffeine. Did I try telling the clients yes I did.

My thoughts :

What i like to point out, delay will effects what we really plan to capture at your wedding. It might be the sunset we want capture for you or the sunrise !  Keeping calm and focused is very hard.
Ended our day one at 3am, the next day groom & bride making delayed by another 4 hours, and the wedding by 6 hours. Post wedding reception by 4 hours. I remember i slept at 4.30am woke by 5.40am and shot the couple session on the beach. I and JT shot the beach shoot for 1 hour and it rained heavily after. Definitely we made a afford that we  could capture some good portraits, but that feeling we missed many great portraits is hard to digest!
If you notice keenly, we don’t have many creative wedding couple shots in this wedding. Practically speaking we had no time to do them! It was either too late couple or totally they were totally exhausted after dancing.
Hopefully this story , helps you to the plan your wedding schedule on time. Please don’t be that bride or groom “this wouldn’t never happen to me!” Make sure it wouldn’t. Keep a plan B for everything. This is out of our experience as destination wedding photographer and shooting many destination weddings.
We do suggest our clients many tips on our blog , on our instagram posts and our pre wedding discussions, but make sure you have time for couple portraits.
With love,
Daniel Chris.