Creative Wedding Photography

What if your wedding photographs were shot in Black and White on old film camera ?

What we always wanted is to be focused on creating a unique imagery for a wedding, being a best Creative Wedding Photography team out there is always a driving force from within us. Being creative, never over doing post production, keeping the image as natural as possible and the same time nailing every moment with amazing composition at the same time is a difficult job for any wedding photographer.

Trying black and white imagery was one the many different things i wanted to do at a wedding.

This was very first time i dint have any responsibility to deliver what i had to shoot, so i just thought i could try different things and edit these images differently may be.

The wedding of Nani and Kiran, I was shooting as third shooter, as Nani was my childhood friend requested me to enjoy the wedding rather than concentrating on photographing him. I thought it was good chance as i wasn’t shooting as primary shooter which normal is, and i had no responsible to deliver images what so ever.

I shot very few images than what i normally do and taking that further i decided to post process the wedding differently that what i normally do.

Hand this theme of High Contrasty, faded noisy Black and White Film images. Hope you love them!

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Creative Wedding Photos
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Creative Post Process

Lens: I used only a 85mm for whole shoot. I totally love this lens, focus speed is amazing in low light and the focal length was really handy as i dint wanted to get into someones photo while shooting.

Post Processing: I was liked the filmy look for the images. First thought in post processing images, were heavy grainy photos as this wedding was late evening, noise in images was inevitable as i shot these at ISO 1600 to 3200. So I ended up deciding, Layer 1 as Black and white film as my base effect, Heavy grainy would be second layer and to boast the overall view of images layer 3 was heavy contrast.

Normally while we (vividsaaga) edit our images for all our client, we decide these before we start post processing (editing) our raw images. Some we prefer to be filmy, sometimes we stick to crisp and vivid colours, sometime a very clean tones. Not that we aren’t consistent on what we do, but to match the total essence of the wedding we shot we do it. This is done for every project we do, to stand out. Moving forward,

Lightroom: We only used Lightroom while editing these wedding photos, No manipulation in photoshop. After editing over million images ever year, we have our own unique present system (effects). But that said our goal is to flatter the subject with minimalist tweaks (photo effects). This was one the first rule we laid down at our start in 2013. For this project I decided Not photoshop anything in this project as we wanted to try what we could do only with one preset (effect) and manipulating the lighting.

Why Black and White ? :

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!”
― Ted Grant

All my fellow shooters ask me, why do i do so many BW photos ? I personally love Black and white imagery so very much, as the saying goes i totally believe that, it does show the true emotions of person.  As candid photographers we do focus on capturing the emotions and post processing them with Black and white we can portray the true emotional images. This is one of our goto preset, but i keep telling myself don’t do over do it. 🙂

Fun : Knowing we only had one effect to use, It was total fun editing the images. It refresh our mindset “what if we had to develop the film in a dark room with chemicals, and give them out for prints.”

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Creative wedding photography is about Creating Art, shoot it all natural them make it more special!

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I hope these images, dint change your perceptive of loving BW as me 😉

Final Thoughts : Being part of Creative wedding photography team always pushes the limits of we can achieve, making progress is what we are able to do. The day we can’t push anymore we will officially stop shooting. 🙂

Tips : Its equal responsible between a wedding photographer & the wedding party (bride and groom) in making excellent imagery. Shortlisting photographers by seeing their porfilio is first step, Talking to you wedding photographers is equally important (Read this article).  Most of people fall for amateur photographers, shooting couple of portraits making them look amazing via photoshop but when it come into weddings it totally different. Wether are not your wedding photographer delivers all the images at the same level is what you should look for.

Location: Hyderabad

Shot: Daniel

Edit: Daniel & Adam