Couple Shoot

When our parents got married, there was never heard of cinematic videography nor ‘candid’ photography, there was no ‘couple shoot’. I’m pretty sure they don’t know what any of those terms really mean. When they attend the weddings of our generation, they are usually stunned at the attending team of photographers. All they had, was a photographer, his assistant and straightforward documentation of their wedding. Things have changed, all our generation wants is candid photography and pre or post wedding couple session.

We know our traditional indian wedding are very hectic and couple shoot is best way to find some out with our soul mate in the chaos. We would love to share some tips and reply to the general queries about a Couple Shoot and the various queries you have regarding Pre/Post Wedding Couple shoot, posing, the venue, time required, makeup, tips, dress and the price.

Harsha & Seema are love birds from New Zealand. They met at work. Harsha hails from Warangal and Seema from Gujarat.

Couple Shoot
Wedding couple having fun at couple session
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What’s your style of Photography ?

Capturing some pretty faces in a beautiful dress, these you can do yourselves with any mobile phone now a days. After your wedding, the love with your mate will change its form and feelings. Generally post wedding you have a sense of achievement, your love becomes boisterous and carefree. In the future same love between you and your partner becomes more responsible and perhaps more deep and mature. (Hope that makes sense ? )

Capturing these moments of budding love, moments of fullness and maintaining the true feelings of romance in these pictures make them a timeless memory which we aim to achieve in a couple shoot.

We don’t have a specific style and name but these are our thoughts and we always do suggest any couple for a post wedding couple shoot if it is an arranged marriage.

These images of Harsha and Seema reflects the same.

What about poses?

We are not fans of posed portraiture or posed photography. Insincere exaggerated pretense is not how we want our images to look when we see them. We want to capture honest responses, funny expressions, full-body laughter, and spills of emotion that are normal posed pictures. When we need a posed portrait, we will help you to pose in a way it would look natural or unposed.  We want all our client’s to look back at pictures from their wedding and feel their real reactions and meaningful expressions, which you can’t get in posed pictures.

So be at rest, we assure that your pictures will be similar to what you see on the website.

So how do we do this?
A creative couple shoot evolves with time. In the beginning, the couple is either nervous, or anticipate to be told what to be done or even make an overkill trying to strike the best pose. The first few minutes are spent by the couple trying to understand what is to be done. We use this time to understand the chemistry and suitable angles of the couple. After the first hour, the generally couple starts feeling comfortable and start doing their things and start becoming playful and enjoy themselves rather than worrying how they look. At this point of time, We start getting the best pictures. This happens with each and every couple.

For Vividsaaga, this is more important than the choice of location and clothes. Here is a article which explains what to wear in a couple shoot.

bride holding groom from back
Beautiful of bride with groom in the background
bride and groom in a romantic pose

Any advice regarding Makeup ?
If you have gone through our couple shoot samples in our website,  All these brides are without any makeup. Believe us, you are beautiful without makeup as well. Allow us to bring that beautiful you into the fore.

We suggest our brides to Shampoo their hair the previous day, Some nail colour, lip colour/gloss.
Remember, this is not a fashion shoot. We are trying to capture the real you.

How often can I take dress changes during the shoot ?
Well, We recommend a Western attire and an Indian attire. If you are fast and can change your dress in flat 5-10 minutes, you may go for more changes. This depends completely on you.

Any other things to remember for the couple shoot

  • A Couple Shoot is hard work not only for us, its also draining for the couple as well. Carry your supplies like water, drinks, snacks etc.. You are definitely going to need these.
  • Brides need to carry flat slippers as well. You cannot possibly walk around in the fields with stilettos. That’s not only tiring, it could be very dangerous as well.
  • Do not carry too much of stuff, you have to carry it yourself. Ours assistant will not be able to help you with your luggage. ?
  • Sleep well the previous night, be well rested.
  • Depending on season to look fresh carry wet tissues.
  • Most important, be on time. You don’t want to loose the soft light of the morning sun. The late we start, the harsher the shadows. You don’t want deep shadows under your eyes, do you?
  • Showing your photographer, someones else’s work and asking it to be replicated is not what you should do. It will ruin your shoot. If you like the other photographers work, hire him instead.

What is the Price of a Couple Shoot ?
Session Fee : Rs. 25,000

Includes :
– Telephonic Photoshoot guide with tips on how to prepare for the session.
– 3 hrs photoshoot in outdoors (one location).
– 50+ Fully Edited high resolution images on a DVD/ external hard drive
– There shall be additional cost for any other any other add-ons like Photobooks, Video presentation of photos with music etc.

wedding reception photos at golconda resorts
couple session at warangal fort

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