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Its always pleasure to shoot our own family. Being a christian wedding we knew we were in our comfort zone. When you are in the same industry and being creative is in your DNA, we had a real deal of designing and making this happen.¬†Challenging part of this idea was to find an appropriate location where the wedding reception could be held. Once we found the location, Daniel designed the wedding decor according to the location. JT helped in designing the stage. All the drawing/blue prints ūüėõ below where given by Daniel.

Daniel wasn’t a fan of flowers. Plus being an outdoor evening wedding, he was thinking of minimalist & artist decor. Though minimalist isn’t simple and getting everything right at the right place were very important. We tried talking to many event planners but couldn’t get the work done. So we took it into our own hands. Adam, JT, Dan and few friends who under took various areas of the wedding plan and did it by themselves. Each piece of decor – Wedding Candles, Wedding flower bouquet, Thank you cards, Selfie/ Photo booth, Welcome board, Background frame were hand made by one of his friends or family or buy himself. If this dint blow your mind still, continue to read, it will!

A small cause

Daniel dint like the idea of spending money on decor or grand function hall but wanted to save some, to spend the same money on something useful. So he choose to spend & celebrate the wedding reception with the orphan children in their premiss. This choice was quite different & inspirational for all of us. We were never against the fact of how much is enough when it comes to wedding budget. Been shot luxury weddings which costed over 2Cr to weddings under 7 Lakh, the idea of celebrating your wedding with orphans is so inspiring.

Leading a life which is inspiring to others in small steps makes a difference. This is what we learnt.

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Wedding Highlights

Captured by Adam, JT, Ashok, John and Kumar

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