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Once in a while we get to hear stories, stories of how it all started, stories of unsung heroes who helped, stories how hard it was to convince parents regarding life partners and how all came together. Thank you, Sindhu and Sai for sharing your special moments with us. We love you !



Candid wedding photographers Hyderabad

Not all candid photographs tell a story!
Because it is 2018, I assume you already know what candid photography is (in case you don’t, you can read a short description right here). So what I will try to do is, show you how some candid photographs tell stories and others just look good.

Candid photography is the art of taking pictures of (mostly) people when they are busy doing their thing, not bothered with the camera. Now not all good-looking pictures need to be candid. And definitely not all candid pictures are going to good-looking (unless clicked by a skilled artist like myself or some of other team members). It is kind of easy to take a good candid picture of a face or a person. But it’s pretty difficult to capture a good candid picture of a group of people interacting with each other (when they are not posing). A great wide angle candid photograph is one of the only ways to cherish true memories of what happened in a wedding. It tells a story. And thats why it matters.

Many candid photographers just focus on faces or individuals, blurring out the background.

A lot of people attend weddings, all decked up, trying to look their best. Therefore, with the right camera and lens, one can easily click hundreds and thousands of photographs of different people. In fact, I did that a lot when I started in 2014. The pictures looked great! Moments were candid. And I was happy. But after may be ten or twenty or thirty weddings, something was obvious. These photographs were telling very little about what a wedding is really about! Are weddings about individuals or are they about how these individuals interact with each other? I believe it’s the latter. And the only reason so many candid  photographers offer very little of such interactions, such stories is because it is not as easy as capturing a candid shot of a single person!

Pictures were shot by Jashwanth, Kumar and Daniel

Videography by Ashok, Paulson, Mahipal and Praveen

Post Production: Adam and Daniel


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