Despite the fact that 10 million weddings are organized India every year, every bride wishes for a ceremony that people will talk about for days, months and even years afterwards. Unfortunately, many couples are afraid of trying out unconventional wedding plan considerations, which is the only way to create an out-of-the-ordinary and memorable event.

Why not try out these unconventional ideas that will definitely help you create a truly unforgettable wedding by Vividsaaga wedding photographers in hyderabad

Don’t Just Focus on Yourself – Create an Atmosphere That Your Guests Will Love

Every bride fantasizes of the perfect wedding theme, decorations and colours that would make her truly happy; however, you do stand to gain a lot more by also incorporating ideas that your guests would also love. The reason being that a truly enjoyable wedding isn’t just about artificial things like decorations; rather, it becomes even more enjoyable when complemented by the laughter, joy and happiness of everyone.
When you create an atmosphere that your guests appreciate, they will feel relaxed and are sure to enjoy the event thoroughly. You can find out early on what they love and try to incorporate certain aspects of their preferences in the wedding layout. You don’t have to go overboard – just do enough to make them know that you do care and appreciate their presence.

Wedding Reception Games

This is sure to bring in fun, even to the most prim and proper guests. What’s more, the photos taken as guests engage in those exciting games would be priceless!
Games would create the perfect opportunity for candid photography, since guests would be unposed and genuinely expressing enjoyment. With the services of Vividsaaga, one of the best candid wedding photographers Hyderabad, you’re sure to get exceptional images that would make you smile every time you look at them.
Better still, wedding reception games will help break the ice for guests who aren’t particularly social. Soon everyone will be leisurely chatting up everyone else, and your event will turn into one big celebration.
Some wonderful games you can try out include:-

  1. Ring toss – Make your guests work’ for their refreshments by having to toss rings over soda bottles.
  2. Balloon darts – Blow up some balloons with a bit of candy in them and let guests throw darts at them to get those goodies.
  3. Giant Jenga – Each person gets a chance to pull out a block of wood, while making sure not to trip over the entire stack.

Creative Wedding Favours for Your Guests

Interesting and long-lasting memorabilia, given as wedding favours, will keep reminding your guests of the amazing event long after it ends. Don’t just stick with conventional gifts, clothes and jewellery to family members.
Why not try out some simple, yet particularly memorable ideas:- With the services of Vividsaaga, professional wedding photographers Hyderabad, you can share with your guests the password-protected, online photo gallery of your wedding.

Instead of a boring pamphlet of your wedding program, why not publish humorous pamphlets containing an animated timeline or cartoon script of how the two of you met and fell in love.

Give guests some scented candles so they always associate the sweet scent with your beautiful event.

Ultimately, ensure that you hire the best photographer so that you get perfect images to always remind you of the exciting event afterwards. Vividsaaga is one such professional outfit, offering top-notch candid wedding photography, Hyderabad.